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Only years of experience allow for the masterful selection of the right materials, the appropriate finish, the best proportions and degree of curve - and to integrate all theses elements into a masterwork that exudes perfection.


A staircase brings charm, prestige and elegance to a residence.  Traditional or contemporary, woods or glass, solid or airy, this decorative and functional furnishing contributes greatly to the spirit of a home.  Since 1977, Distinction by GGStair and their team have transformed interiors by designing, manufacturing and installing top-of-the-line staircases, with an artist’s eye and a craftsmans’s touch.  Our expertise is 100% Quebec made.  From the concept to the installation, and through all the steps along the way, nothing is imported, nothing is outsourced - everything is made entirely in our factory.  This is a local product, built with passion by local artisans for the rest of the world to benefit.


Distinction by GGStair was created in 1977 by the visionary Gilles Grenier.  This pioneer in the staircase business had a vision to do things differently.  With his ingeniousness  and his know-how, his vision became a reality.  Having served high-end customers, he developed processes and tools to realize the most prestigious staircases ever.  It’s not without reasons that Architects, designers and personal clients request the use of Distinction as their sole staircase supplier. 


Distinction is the choice for your wildest dreams.  Make your staircase, the heart of your home.